Friday, February 28, 2020

Who Followed who in New York video is back online

The video that I put out late last year about influence, legacy and independence in this business is back online on mediafire. I see the downloads. Based on the mediafire download number alone, it's safe to say that the interest is there among the serious fans who wanted the facts....and the facts only. The arguments only go so's all talk and can come down to who sounds the most convincing....but the facts are just that and when they make you look fake jax, you get caught, card gets pulled, you don't wanna talk no more. It's about the specifics. The specifics that the video gets into, got the job done as people know. Here's the link:

Few months of life was not a surprise on tumblr

 Already knew I wouldn't last very long on Tumblr. I'm back on though. It's right here:
I'm about to start updating this blog though preferably weekly. I have early plans for this year that I haven't had in previous years and I will be putting up preview pics and footage on here and hopefully tumblr. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

The 2019 All-Dominican Trailer Is Out

And now my move has been made for 2019 as is understood by many...but the hammer gets dropped when?...RIGHT...the Eliteasses Trailer will be out by the end of November.